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Inside Time
Inside Time
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Overview of all paintings.

Emergence: The Origin of Life. Current scientific thought on the molecular process of the origin of life juxtaposed with the Dine'
( Navajo) creation story.
Life Forms: the basic structures of our existance; the origin of ourselves. DNA, RNA and proteins . . .
Recent Commissions
Plato Dreaming, Cell Dividing; Mitosis and the Goddess of Cell Division
The Senses:

I. All the Senses and the Japanese Tea Ceremony

II. Sense of Taste
III. Sense of Hearing
The Senses:

IV. Sense of Smell

The Senses:

V. Sense of Sight

The Biology of Time

I. The Clock Loses Track of Time - The Biological Fountain of Youth

    The Biology of Time
    II. The Clock Stops - Programmed Cell Death / Apoptosis
    The Biology of Time
    II. The Circadian Clock
    The Biology of Time
    V. The Biological Clock
    Bound to DNA
    Pheromones and Thought
    The Cell cycle

    Inspired by Microscope Images

    Molecular Stories

    Dream Images

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