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Inside Time
Inside Time
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See Thumbnails of most paintings on one page here (Emergence is not yet on this page)

Emergence; Dine' (Navajo) Creation Story and current scientific thoughts on the chemical origin of life
Spindles of Necessity;
Mitosis and the Goddess of Cell Division
Life Forms Basic structures of our existence;Origin of ourselves

Sense of Taste
The Senses in Summary
Sense of Hearing

Cell Cycle series,

Sense of Smell


Pheromone Puppet
Works 2001 Branching into new territories, and continuing a series on the "Senses".(6)
Inside Time Series
Inside Time Page Two of works from the Inside Time series. Includes Circadian time and various biological Fountains of Youth.(5)


The Inside Time Page One paintings, page one, all from the Inside Time series , which deals with four aspects of human time: the circadian clock, the biological clock, the reversal of aging, and the end of time - cell death. (1)


DNA Centric Paintings
DNA Centric is a collection of paintings with DNA as the central focus in some form. DNA is the material inside our cells that controls every aspect of our lives: how we look, function, reproduce, live. (3)
Life Science Paintings
Life Science is a collection of paintings combining science and art on a more emotional level. (2)
Early Images
These are the Early Works in the collection. Much of this work was influenced by images seen under electron and scanning microscopes. (4)
Special Commissions
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